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For a very long time, there has been an empty space; an empty space in the music scene that very few artists have been able to fill. This is where Eliah walks in, filling the empty space where “Grown Man Music” formerly resided in days gone by.  He’s bringing it back in a major way, taking listeners back to a simpler place and time, where men opened car doors for their ladies and Saturday night was about wine, roses, blue talk and love.

Since his humble beginnings in the family church singing gospel,  native New Yorker Eliah has always had the dream, the drive and the goal of bringing his own style of music to the masses.  “I’ve been in the studio environment around so many artists and producers,” he says.  “All those moments were special in their own right and laid the foundation to my informal entrance to the business of music”.  From sharing the stage with the likes of Anthony Hamilton to backing everyone from rappers in hip hops golden era to singing gospel legends, The Clark Sisters, Eliah believes that “as long as there are real people in this world, there will always be a place for real good music.”

He doesn’t care if you know his name.  He just wants you to know his music.  Once you do, there’s no turning back. 

As long as there are real people in this world, there will always be a place for real good music.
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